About Jo Foundation


Jo Foundation-an Inclusive Proceeding School tucked away in the quiet area of Agri Colony,Kohima, was started by two affected parents- Mr Daniel and Dr Asunu Thong.The school was named after their son Tejopi Thong meaning 'Blessing' who they found out enjoyed school as much as other normal children although he was affected with severe Autism and was non verbal.So in the year 2010, they opened the school with class Nursery where they had 8 children out of which 2 were special need. In 2016, the number has now grown to 110 children (pre Nursery to class 3).Out of these, 17 are special need. The school will continue to upgrade one class every year.

Facilities available

Physio Therapy, Music Therapy, Speech Therapy and Trained Teachers in the ratio of 1:20 students. Martial arts from class A onward is also incorporated in the school curriculum. Free concessions are given to children with special needs and full time church workers. Genuine economically weak family are also concessions .The school has a van to transport special need children who find it difficult to commute to school. Music class will resume from 2016.

Methods of teaching

Activity based learning following SCERT recommended curriculum is taught to the children. Value education especially in the development of empathy skills is given importance. For children with special need, Individualized Education Plan(IEP) is followed.Fun filled trips are organised every year.

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