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Pastor Tenyenilo Thong, Administrator.                                                                                            Jo Foundation Team 2015


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Ms. P. Alovi Swu, Head Teacher.                                                                                               Jo Foundation Team 2016


 School Management


               The Chairman is Mr Daniel Thong who is also the Proprietor of the school. The school has a total of 16 staffs (as in 2015) with an Administrator, 7 main teachers, 4 assistants, a Physiotherapist, a Speech and Hearing Therapist, a Music Therapist and a Martial Arts Instructor.

 At present, the Faculty  members of the school are as follows:

Administrator – Mr Tenyenilo Thong, M.A, M.Div.

Head Teacher – Ms P.Alovi, B.A,ECCE.


  •      Ms Lanumenla Walling, B.A, PSTE, TET.
  •      Ms Keyokhole(Naomi) Ltu, B.A, ECCE.
  •      Ms Rebecca Kinny, B.A
  •      Ms Ikali Assumi, M.A.
  •      Ms Yambeni Kikon,(undergoing BA)
  •      Ms Avono Mekro, P.U.
  •      Ms Tosovinu Kennao, B.A.
  •      Ms Krosano Koza, B.A( Hons)
  •      Ms Vikhotounuo Solo, B.A.
  •      Ms Vineitsonuo Rutsa, Cl X.
  •     Bharat, Martial Arts Teacher.
  •     Mr Kevisilie Belho B Sc, BPT(Physiotherapist)
  •     Ms Binile(Anie) Kesen BASLP(Speech & Hearing Therapist)
  •     Mr Rukuse Sakhrie PGD in Clinical Music Therapy (Music Therapist)